Simone Horst

I met Nate at the start of my first year of college when I began my work-study job in the EMU archives. I quickly realized that this was a vocation I was very interested in pursuing, and Nate was a steadfast supporter of my dreams. We worked together in the EMU Archives for nearly a decade, and I feel fortunate to have had him as a mentor as I began my career. Nate had a knack for seeing the big picture in projects, and was skilled at navigating relationships and university politics. He was also a talented historian who could synthesize concepts and understand all sides of an issue. I learned a great deal working alongside him. He has left his fingerprints all over the archives, and I often “bump into him” in my work today when I see his handwriting on a box label, open a spreadsheet he crafted, or pick up a project he had been working on at the time of his retirement. I feel so fortunate to have had Nate as a mentor, teacher, and friend, and I miss him dearly.