Nancy Heisey

Nate came to EMS when I was finishing my seminary degree, so I never had him as a teacher. When I returned to EMU as a teacher myself, I noted quickly that Nate was always one to reach across divides. Since I was placed in the undergraduate program, it mattered a lot to me to stay connected with the seminary community, and Nate provided that link. Later, while I was assistant seminary dean, I picked up the very significant work Nate had done to reshape and define the MAR program. How I looked forward to those afternoons when he would come by, explain things to me, and we would talk about what mattered deeply to us both. One other amazing memory was driving to a conference at AMBS with Nate, Mim, and my husband Paul. Nate took us on the route we wouldn’t have taken (33) and made a point of introducing us to Tamarack. Nate was such a gift to me, as he was to many. His memory will continue to be blessed!